Ways To Help Wipe Out Adultitis

What can I do to stop the spread of Adultitis in others?

A lot! Your participation is imperative if we want to win this war. The biggest key to victory is awareness and early detection. We need your help getting the word out, and if you know someone that you suspect might have Adultitis, you need to direct them to this site immediately. This page is stocked with lots of ways you can join the fight!

Together, we can create a world without Adultitis.

Get Social

Shine a light on this evil disease by using the hashtag #Adultitis on social media sites regularly. For instance, anytime you post a picture of yourself fighting Adultitis, or discover examples of where Adultitis may be lurking.

This Adultitis sufferer regularly posts needy status updates asking her friends if she is the fairest of all their Facebook friends.

This Adultitis sufferer regularly posts needy status updates asking people if she is the fairest of all their Facebook friends.

Did you know that seventy bajillion people are on Facebook? So is Adultitis, especially in the form of annoying political rants and whiny, woe-is-me status updates. With awareness and early detection being so crucial, it makes sense to go where the people are. Share this site on Facebook and implore your friends and family to visit this site to get tested!

Tweet Tweet

If you are active on Twitter, it’s of great benefit to tweet Adultitis public service announcements every once in a while. We’ve even written a few for you! (just click the “Tweet this!” link.)

Do you have #Adultitis? You can get tested here: http://adultitis.org Early detection is crucial! via @escapeadulthood [Tweet this!]

Don’t let #Adultitis have the last laugh. Get tested and get cured here: http://adultitis.org via @escapeadulthood [Tweet this!]

Take a stand against #Adultitis. Awareness is the first step: http://adultitis.org via @escapeadulthood [Tweet this!]


If you have a blog or website, you might consider adding one of these badges to help get the word out. We’ve provided a bunch of different styles to match a variety of tastes.

100% Adultitis Free

Last Laugh

adultitis-free last-laugh

Adultitis Free Zone

Got Adultitis? Get Tested.

adultitis-free-zone got-adultitis-get-tested

Adultitis Free Girl

You Have The Power

adultitis-free-girl you-have-the-power

Adultitis Fighter

Take a Stand

adultitis-fighter take-a-stand