The Prescription: How to Treat Adultitis

What should I do if I think I have Adultitis?

First, consult our information on diagnosis immediately. If the prognosis comes back positive, please, remain calm and take a deep breath. The worst is over. Undetected, Adultitis can simmer under the surface, slowly killing you from the inside out. But since you have discovered the problem, treatment is simple, straightforward, and actually quite fun.

Please consult our multi-faceted treatment plan options below to get your Adultitis under control.

insiderThe latest breakthroughs in treating Adultitis can be found on There you’ll find an array of real-world strategies, practical ideas, and permission to live a fulfilling Adultitis-free life. Stay in the know by becoming an official Escape Adulthood Insider and receive the weekly email dispatch with simple instructions for creating a life with less stress and more fun.

Participate in a Small Rebellion
small-rebellionsThe only way to truly vanquish Adultitis is when ordinary people engage in ruthless, senseless acts of silliness that we call Small Rebellions. Simple decisions to zig instead of zag. Smiling at a stranger. Coloring outside the lines. Daring to eat dessert first. The Cure Adultitis Institute regularly sponsors officially-sanctioned small rebellions. Join us!

Get an Adultitis First Aid Kit
adultitis-first-aid-kit“Code Red! We’ve got a serious case of Adultitis on our hands!” The world-famous Adultitis First Aid Kit has been used by thousands and thousands of people all over the world to safely and effectively treat all stages of Adultitis. The kit is stocked with the essential tools you’ll need to beat this disease, quickly and painlessly.

Sign up for Escape Lab
Escape Lab is a one-of-a-kind guided experience that artfully combines immersive online content, a vibrant community, and a curated treasure box of supplies and surprises. Reminiscent of an online course, an Escape Lab is an experience infused with delight, inspiration and adventure. Each Lab is completely unique, with an engaging combination of virtual and physical elements, thoughtfully crafted around a specific theme or area of study. The content, activities, and secret surprises are always different. It is our premier solution for defeating Adultitis and making your life way more amazing. Click here to learn more.

Begin The Escape Plan
escape_planThe Escape Plan is a proven, extra-strength treatment plan guaranteed to annihilate Adultitis. It’s like a key that will unlock your mind and free your spirit by delivering a series of 40 challenges designed to get you thinking and acting in a more childlike way. Starting as a very public experiment in 2006, it is now available free online or as a spiral bound field guide.

Book Jason to Speak
jason-speakerIf you are concerned that Adultitis may have infiltrated your organization, you can hire Jason Kotecki to deliver an unforgettable program that can restore balance and prevent burnout while increasing fun and productivity. Jason is among only 10% of speakers in the world who have earned the credential of Certified Speaking Professional.

Attend an Escape Adulthood Summit
ea-summit-peoplePart conference, part retreat, part mastermind group, The Escape Adulthood Summit is a one-of-a-kind event designed for people instilled with the soaring spirit of childhood. Held in picturesque Madison, Wisconsin, this transformative experience is your chance to connect with kindred spirits for a madcap weekend filled with fun and inspiration.

Visit an Adultitis Hospital
hospitalAn Adultitis Hospital is a physical location that is extremely effective in treating especially aggressive symptoms. Even a brief visit can result in significant improvements. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of Adultitis hospitals strategically located throughout the world. Here are a few locations:

Did we miss one? Let us know! Send an email to and give us the details of your favorite Adultitis Hospital!