Do I Have Adultitis?

doctor-teamDecades of combined research from world-renowned physicians, psychologists, astrophysicists, and circus clowns have gone into creating this remarkably effective intake designed to diagnose Adultitis. Not only will it determine if you have it, this amazing tool will let you know exactly where you fall on the spectrum.

Answer these questions as honestly as you can. If you think more than one response is applicable, just try to pick the one that most resonates with you.

Also, please remain calm through the entire intake. Although it is normal to feel anxious about receiving a potentially life-changing diagnosis, rest assured that awareness is the first step on the road to an adventurous, exhilarating, Adultitis-free life.

When my alarm goes off in the morning, I typically:

When I go to the zoo, I’m more likely to notice:

On any given weekend, I’m more likely to be found:

My desk/work space predominantly features:

This is what I think about following dreams:

When a child dances in front of my cart at the grocery store, I’m most likely to:

If I were at a formal dinner and someone noticed some toilet paper stuck to my shoe, I’d:

During my lunch break on a beautiful spring day I’d be most likely to:

If I had to compare the excitement level of my life to a type of animal, it would most likely resemble:

During conversations, when someone brings up something I’m not very familiar with:

Children are:

I would estimate that I laugh approximately:

You have completed the intake! Please click the button below to have our experts analyze it to determine your diagnosis.

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